Why Drink Your Vitamins?

Liquid vitamins are not only easy to take, but they also provide people with the highest nutrient and vitamin absorption, opposed to its pill and capsule counterparts. This is where BariComplete can easily be incorporated into your daily nutrition plan with a great taste.

  • Liquid vitamin are the best option for people who have difficulty swallowing pills.
  • Your body absorbs 98% of the vitamins and minerals in liquid form as opposed to a meager 3-20% in capsule or pill form.
  • Liquid vitamins bypass digestive processing and are directly broken down into the bloodstream.

Liquid multivitamins contain higher forms of nutrients and antioxidants, which can help prevent age-related diseases and cell oxidation.

  • The body needs regular supply of vitamin A, C, E and D, which can be easily lacking in someone’s nutrition when dieting.
  • Cells oxidize when age, disease or illness is introduces to the body. It is especially common in people who are overweight or lack in proper nutrition.

Failure to achieve regular doses of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, will force the body to deplete it from your bones. BariComplete can better reach your calcium needs as opposed to physical pills.

  • Calcium depletion or lack of calcium can lead to common causes of osteoporosis or other forms of bone disease.

In terms of cost effectiveness…

  • Although mixable liquid vitamins are considerably more expensive, you will be receiving a better vitamin compound, which leads to higher absorption rates of up to 98% as opposed to anywhere from 3% – 20% using pill or capsulated forms.

Allow BariComplete to enact as one of your weight loss supplements to aid in your healthy dieting regimen.