About BariComplete MultiVitamin Drinks

BariComplete is a premium vitamin blend supplement that provides the best vitamins and minerals available into a potent, high-quality complete multivitamin drink that works best to benefit your diet and body. This great tasting multivitamin drink can provide your body with all of the essential vitamins and more if your busy lifestyle does not allow you to eat enough nutrient-rich foods.

What is in it?

  • Over 25 different vitamins and minerals in powder form. Easily mixed to become water-soluble, this vitamin blend provides your body with its total vitamin needs to aid in healthy dieting and healthy weight loss.
  • No dyes or artificial colors are used for the creation of this blend, instead we use beet juice extract to naturally color our vitamin drink mix.
  • Because our multivitamin mix is water-soluble, it drastically reduces the risk in vitamin overdose. This is because it is easily excreted and absorbed by the kidneys as opposed to using traditional pills or capsules.

When should I take it?

  • BariComplete multivitamin mix is safe to take once a day. This mix is perfect for those who are dieting or attempting weight loss, to pick up slack through lack of vital nutrients when food on the plate falls short.
  • This multivitamin blend was formulated by leading bariatric surgeons and dietitians to aid in medically supervised weight-loss programs, pre and post bariatric surgeries.
  • Always consult a doctor or be under medical supervision when using dietary supplements.

What can I expect?

  • Start off with smaller portion sizes in the beginning and mix with water so your body can get use to the potency of the vitamins. This blend was created for bariatric patients to aid in weight loss; however, it is perfectly safe to add to any universal dieting plan.
  • Because our multivitamin blend is rich in vitamin Bs you should see improved energy levels throughout the day.

Do other customers like it?

Thousands of consumers and patients have found this product to work exceptionally well. One of the many overlooked benefits of a liquid based multivitamin is that it helps aid in the consumption of water due to an added great taste.