Protein Powder for Pre and Post Weight Loss Surgery

BariNutrition created an easy to take multivitamin offering to complement the BariEssential protein meal replacement and support healthy weight loss.* BariComplete is a multivitamin powder and BariSunny is a chewable vitamin D supplement, both designed to prevent post-bariatric surgery vitamin deficiencies.

Multivitamin for Pre-Op and Post-Op Liquid Diet

Research studies have shown people with obesity can be prone to vitamin deficiencies.1 Additionally, bariatric patients face, vitamin deficiencies which are common from the restrictive post-surgery diet.2

Before weight loss surgery, patients are required to go on a liquid diet in order to prepare their body for the surgery. The liquid diet can last anywhere from 7-14 days and aims to reduce the fat located around the liver and spleen. It is crucial for bariatric patients to follow their surgeon’s liquid diet plan correctly.

Similarly, after the bariatric procedure, patients must follow a strict diet to maintain the rapid weight loss that accompanies the surgery. For certain procedures that restrict the size of the stomach not as much food, and therefore nutrients, can be consumed. The BariComplete multivitamin powder and BariSunny chewable vitamin D are designed to be a part of the pre- and post-op diet to prevent vitamin deficiencies that can be taken with the BariEssential protein meal replacement.*

*Always talk to your physician before using any supplements after surgery.


BariNutrition’s Pre- and Post-Op Diet Vitamin Supplements:

BariSunny Chewable Vitamin D

BariSunny Vitamin D chewables support healthy weight loss by maintaining bone health and immunity. BariSunny is especially necessary for people with obesity and bariatric patients who are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D.3


BariComplete is a multivitamin powder blend with over 25 vitamins and minerals that was created to help people losing weight rapidly after bariatric surgery maintain their health and prevent vitamin deficiencies. *

  • BariComplete – Tangerine Dream
  • BariComplete – Pineapple Punch


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