Protein Powder as a Meal Replacement

It’s been proven that swapping a breakfast or lunch for a meal replacement shake really can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Our whey shakes are effective meal replacements because whey protein is not only thermogenic, meaning you burn the most of your calories off after you consume it, but our hunger blocking formula allows you to stay fuller longer.

BariNutrition’s Protein Meal Replacement shakes provide 20 grams of the highest quality whey protein with an enhanced vitamin and mineral blend, meaning this shake can enact as a true meal replacement and your metabolism may improve or stay high all day at a low calorie expense.

Here are some of the reasons why BariEssential Meal Replacements work:

  • Our 20g of high quality whey protein isolate far exceed the number of carbs provided.
  • There is no shortage of protein and our enhanced absorption blend can ensure you will be receiving essential vitamins and minerals using this shake to support healthy dieting and weight loss.
  • Enhances or improves your metabolism over time due to high quality whey protein and essential minerals.
  • Meal Replacements are scientifically proven to help jump start weight loss and can be used as a long-term dieting supplement.
  • Our Hunger Blocking Formula is easily digestible for those with lactose issues and is just as effective in holding down your appetite such as other products that contain other proteins like casein or concentrate.

These shakes are extremely helpful for jump-starting your diet regimen and we’ve tailored our effective formula specific to you, because we know how difficult it is for anyone to commit to change and how busy your day may be.

Our BariEssential Protein Meal Replacement shakes are tailored to provide you with a low caloric intake with a great taste and can be supplement into your dieting regimen. This product is especially great for people who have to stay on a strict calorie diet and will help in your long-term weight loss plan.

Our shakes have been used amongst tens of thousands of customers and bariatric patients, which led to higher positivity in the majority of consumers using these protein shakes in accordance to their dieting and workout plan. Our customers claim to enjoy dieting using our shakes with their daily meal plan, opposed to their traditional regular food diet.

How Should I Use BariEssential as a Meal Replacement?

  • Replace a full meal such as breakfast or lunch and our shake will help jumpstart your weight loss.
  • We recommend one to two servings of BariEssential per day for those looking for strict dieting and want to impact greater weight loss over time.

Prevent Snacking

  • Hunger pains (urges to snack) usually occur midday to late nights and the best way to prevent blood sugar spikes through unhealthy snacking would be to suppress that hunger with a BariEssential Protein Meal Replacement.
  • Our shake is a convenient and healthy option to those who need to avoid the vending machine or unwanted snacks.


  • Weight loss shake contains 20 grams of Whey Protein Isolate, meaning it can also be used as a post-workout shake.
  • The whey protein enhances your metabolism and because it is the highest quality way, it can be absorbed the quickest for muscle regeneration after workouts for effective weight loss.
  • If you lack time throughout your day to eat breakfast after a morning workout, this shake is perfect to consume post-workout whilst enacting as a meal replacement to help you continue on with your day.

Drink it for Dessert

  • Many customers and patients love to drink this shake in place of eating a brownie or ice cream if they are on a strict diet.
  • If needed, you can even add non-calorie based sugars or vanilla extracts to enhance the flavor of your shakes.

The opportunities are endless on how this shake can be supplemented into your diet. We’d love to here some of your thoughts and ideas and feel free to leave it in your reviews or comments!