BariNutrition’s high-potency BariSunny Vitamin D chewables support bone health and immunity with high quality ingredients to support healthy weight loss.

  • 5000 IU per serving
  • Easy-to-chew dissolvable tablets
  • 200 servings per bottle
  • High potency dosage
  • Helps support bone health and immunity*
  • High quality ingredients
Product Benefits

Why BariSunny?

BariSunny Viatmin D is formulated for those who have Vitamin D deficiency. It helps promote healthy bones through the absorption of calcium. It also builds support towards your immune system, which is vital to staying active and help achieve your weight loss or dieting goals.

What is in it?

  • A highly digestible form of Vitamin D that can benefit people with a vitamin D deficiency.
  • Because it is a dissolving tablet, digestion and absorption begin immediately.

 What can I expect?

  • The body should be receiving improved levels of vitamin D.
  • Balanced and improved vitamin D levels can help support rapid weight loss.

 Do other customers like it?

Consumers love taking BariSunny Vitamin D because it provides a great minty taste and also helps you avoid swallowing of a traditional pill because it dissolves in your mouth.


When should I take it?

  • We recommend BariSunny be taken once a day to aid in supporting vitamin D deficiencies.
  • Always consult a doctor or be under medical supervision when using dietary supplements.