BariClear is an unflavored whey protein supplement that provides one of the highest absorption rates amongst all other protein types. This unflavored protein powder was specifically formulated by leading bariatric surgeons and dietitians. It can be added to virtually any recipe or mixed with any beverage. Allow this unflavored protein to help you reach your daily protein goals with a powerful dose of high quality and sugar-free whey isolate.

  • 21 servings of high-quality whey protein isolate.
  • 23 grams of protein with almost 0 carbs and 0 grams of sugar!
  • This powder virtually has no flavor or odor.
  • This formula provides no artificial sweeteners, impurities, lactose or fillers.


Product Benefits

Why BariClear?

  • Many people fail to drink protein drinks because of taste problems, resulting in slowing weight loss through failing to achieve their daily protein goals while dieting.
  • BariClear can be mixed quickly and can easily be absorbed to provide fuel and burn stored fat.
  • Because BariClear is unflavored, it can be virtually added to any shake, smoothie, sauce or food if you are having trouble reaching your daily protein count.


When should I use BariClear?

  • Use one full or 1/2 scoop of BariClear in your liquid or meal of choice.
  • BariClear can be used with almost any meal throughout the day.
  • We recommend it be used in shakes, smoothies or prepared meals… use your imagination and be sure to tell us what works best for you!
  • Blend this unflavored protein powder into hot soup, V8 juice, fruit smoothies, chili, stews, refried beans, pudding, chicken pot pie, or any semi-liquid food or liquid.
  • Check out our blog for more recipes to use with BariClear to help support your diet and weight loss

Do not use in liquids hotter than 140º F.*

*When used in hot liquids, the proteins tend to clump.

Nutrition Label
Nutrition Label

Is BariClear Gluten Free?

No. Although all of the ingredients are gluten-free, BariEssential has not be properly tested for gluten-free status.

What can I mix it with?

BariEssential mixes best with milk, but it also mixes well with non-dairy beverages such as almond, hemp, coconut, or rice milk (to name a few) according to our customers.

Can I add it to a smoothie?

Yes, you can add BariEssential and any of our other products to your smoothie if you desire. Please be aware that this may change the taste and texture of the original shake. 

How many servings can I take in a day?

We suggest you drink any of our products as part of a balanced diet. Although we recommend 1-2 BariEssential shakes per day, it’s always best to talk to your dietitian or healthcare practitioner before using BariNutrition’s products.    

Can I give this to my kids?

We recommend speaking to your pediatrician first to determine if this product is right for your children.

Is it ok to take this while I’m pregnant?

We are asked this often by new moms and parents to be. Our recommendation is to always check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before trying any new products while pregnant or breastfeeding.