About Us

Supporting weight loss and healthy dieting through delicious, high-quality products.

BariNutrition, originally named Fortify Nutritionals, was founded over a decade ago with bariatric surgeons seeking to help patients maintain nutritional health during weight loss.  The formulas are now available to anyone seeking a delicious protein powder supplement for weight loss or general health. We provide our community with evidence-based, high-quality meal-replacement and supplement products to promote healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

BariNutrition is designed to help people reach their health goals when used in conjunction with a healthy diet plan and active lifestyle.  After incorporating BariNutrition into their routine, some of the results our customers report include weight loss, decreased visceral fat, reduced fatty liver disease, and improved energy levels

We are proud to provide great-tasting, well-made products. All BariNutrition formulas are produced at FDA-inspected facilities with high levels of quality control and with ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. The formulations are designed to contain high quality active ingredients with minimal  binders, fillers, and stabilizers.


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